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Engaging. Creative. Inspiring.

“It really is incredible what little people are capable of, and at “dance little bunnies” i see children flourish creatively and physically on a daily basis”

Founder, Holly Rose 

One Mum one goal

With 20 years of experience in professional tap dance and theatre I knew I wanted my Daughter to start dance training at a young age. 

I have been teaching my two year old Tap for a while now and she is picking up every beat which made me think I need to start teaching fun tap classes for toddlers. 

There didn’t seem to be any programs available that covered this genre of dance and theatre for toddlers from this age. 

Over a series of zoom calls, many debates, lots of coffee I realised I need to start teaching exciting dance classes involving a pair of taps!

Since Amiya entered my world I have truly loved everything about children. With my passion for tap dance and my love for children I believe there is no better way but to combine the two and start the toddler tap dancing journey. 

My classes will lightly introduce the genre of tap dancing but more importantly are designed to help your toddler enhance their coordination and rhythm. I am here to nurture their natural love of movement in a structured yet relaxed and fun 45 minute class.

So, does your little dancer have happy feet?

Tap really is an energetic and fantastically noisy style of dance, perfect for any little dancer hoping to stomp their way to success on the dance floor. This class will have your little dancer tapping away in no time, improving their coordination and rhythm, while encouraging the development of their own creative style. 

 This class is a great introduction to this passionate form of dance. The overwhelming fun of toe tippin’ will have your little one hooked for life!

 Classes are suitable for toddlers aged from 2.5 years upwards, however if they’re younger but steady on their feet they are more than welcome to join in.

In my classes we use relatable songs from Disney and nursery rhymes, fun exercises, instruments, bubbles, ribbons and much more. The class will have the tap element to it however the whole class will encompass all kinds of movement, singing and freestyle. 

Childhood is full of creativity and pure magic and so I realised that by harnessing this imaginative wonder I could help children truly develop.

I don’t believe that a journey should only begin at school age, especially as toddlers are learning about their bodies and their voices naturally through play. Toddlers love to dance to music they like and will do so whether you teach them to or not, so why should they wait to join in the fun?

With me they don’t have to. 

Give your child a head-start and a chance to build their confidence and creativity early on. 

[Please note, whilst encouraged, tap shoes are not compulsory. Sneakers or shoes with a solid sole are perfectly fine to begin with.]

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There is currently a waitlist for my classes but please do sign up if you are interested and I will let you know when spaces become available 

+44 7930516149

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Do I need to buy tap shoes?
This is not essential. I will have spare tap shoes for trial classes and/or trainers will work too. 

Can I book a trial class?
Absolutely! Trial classes are £4 each

What is the pricing structure?
Pay as you go at £8 per classBlock booking of 6 classes at £40

If I want to book you into a regular visit at our nursery how do I do that?
 Please contact me directly on

I would like to book a private tap class with you for my Daughter and I, should I message directly?
 Yes please holly@dancelittlebunnies.Com or on 07930516149

What should my child wear?
Any comfortable clothing, i.e a light T-shirt and leggings

Could I bring my son? 
100% you can! My dance classes are for boys and girls. 

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